PureAg Products in Agriculture

PureAg microbiological products focus first on the biological, organic, and nutrient value of your soil. As we build this vital soil structure, we have found that most other problems go away, and plant health and growth improve. Our products are specifically designed to continually revitalize your soil, improve water penetration, and enhance fertilizer availability to growing crops.

What we do is not new. Farmers have been incorporating biological or organic practices into their farming for years. The most common is the application of manure. However, there are many products that will stimulate the biological activity of the soil or apply one form of organic acid or another. They require one or two applications a year for at least two to three years, before experiencing cost-effective results, and many times they are not easy to apply.

After working with many of these products for the last 15 years, we experienced many promising results (of varying degrees) with each of them. At the request of several of our farmers, we took on the challenge of combining what we had experienced, and developed a line of products that would produce faster results, address most soil problems, and could easily be applied. When building the soil, we start with five specific soil micro-organisms that have been identified over the last 30 years to be common in all healthy soil. These biologicals are enzymes, bio-surfactants, bio-nutrients, bio-stimulants, fungus and stimulants. Prior to implementing these organisms into our products each strain is put through various tests. These tests include subjecting the micro-organisms to many chemicals, various temperatures, oxygen and variations in pH. This is done to identify the stronger more chemical resistant organisms from the others. We then blend a wide spectrum of secondary species to insure the efficacy of the blend. These organisms are cultivated with essential nutrients. The product is applied on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and will produce hundreds of gallons of biological rich liquid to the soil. As these organisms are introduced into your irrigation, they are carried into the soil where they continue to reproduce, producing enzymes and biologically breaking down the nutrients in the soil to make them available for plant uptake. They also produce organic acids that will improve the soils ability to take and hold water and nutrients.

The process starts by combining our specifically formulated biological package and nutrient-balanced food supply to a bio-generator tank. This tank is filled with water and aerated for 24 hours to allow the organisms to multiply. The solution is then metered into the irrigation system. In this process, the volume of micro-organisms is being increased in the soil. This is being done for a few different reasons: First, the cycles that permit nutrients to flow from soil to plant are interdependent, and proceed only with the help of the soil community. Second, soil micro-organisms are the key link between mineral resources and plant growth. And third, without micro-organisms the minerals in the soil would not be able to be taken into the plant. If the plant cannot take in the minerals it needs, the yield is going to decrease. As the uptake to the plant improves, the plant is healthier, higher yielding and less susceptible to disease. The result:

  • Reduced compaction
  • Improving water absorption
  • Improving aeration, water penetration and water retention
  • Increased organic matter
  • Buffer salts
  • Solids breakdown
  • Odor reduction
  • Slime Reduction

When the organisms needed for healthy, productive soil are missing or inactive, the soils ability to take in water is reduced. Nutrients become bound up, and unavailable to growing plants. Additionally, many farmers are discovering that as growing seasons go by, fertilizer requirements continually increase. Correspondingly, the overall health of the soil steadily decreases. PureAg products offer a cost effective, efficient way to reverse the process. By applying PureAg products the soil is restored to good health through the delivery of three vital components:

  1. Bio-stimulants for indigenous organisms already in the soil
  2. Additional strains to supplement existing organisms
  3. Nutrients to grow out the cultures

The way PureAg helps the soil:

  • Introduces symbionic and symbiotic organisms to your soil
  • Improves overall soil efficiency and cell improvement
  • Accelerates select biological growth
  • Biologically transforms bound micro and macro nutrients for plant intake
  • Improves soil aggregate for additional water absorption, aeration, root development and plant health
  • Specifically formulated to enhance biological growth of indigenous organisms