We get the biology right!
We provide the beneficial bacteria necessary to help plants thrive and keep your water clean.
Always ecologically and economically sound.

ecologically and economically sound

Our goal is to manufacture products that act in concert with nature. We must preserve the resource base that sustains us all.
We believe all farming needs to be sustainable, and understand the only sustainable form of farming comes from products that are
economically viable – if it’s not profitable, it is certainly not sustainable.
These are our passions and the driving forces behind the design of our products.



Sustainable Inputs that Work!

Our underlying principle is the healthier the plant, the less susceptible it is to disease and weed invasion. Healthy soils are key. Herbicides, pesticides, and fungicid

Biologic Farming | A solution to skyrocketing NPK prices

With the rising costs of chemical NPK inputs, it’s the perfect time to explore the advantages of augmenting your inputs with biology. Biologic inputs are very inexpensive and the results are pro