What is soil biology?

Soil consists of sand, silt, minerals, and clay. These materials make up the majority of soil, but leave very little space for water and oxygen. Organic matter provides the necessary carbons that determine the soil fertility. Microbiology break down the carbons into various sizes and at varying speeds. The ripple effect of the organic matter being broken down is space for penetration of water and the production of soluble nutrients which become feed stock for the plants. 90% of the nutrients a plant can uptake is processed by the soil biology.

What do PureAg products look like?

PureAg products are a dry powder that contains trillions of bacteria and fungi. When these blends are added to oxygen rich water the microbial populations begin to multiply. Adding aeration to the water results in the populations growing 70 times faster. In 24 to 36 hours the brew grows out to googols of bacteria and can be put into most common irrigation systems to “super inoculate” the soil.

Why do I inoculate?

When inoculations are injected into soil, the bacteria and fungi consume organic matter, fix nitrogen, and solubilized nutrients in the root zone. This allows fungi colonies to establish themselves around the root structure. These colonies are able to fight off attacks by invading bacteria and other biological maladies.

Why do I need to add additional soil biology?

Farming puts a very heavy demand on soil fertility. The foundation of all plant growth comes down to the medium in which it is grown. However, not one particular type of soil is ideal for all plants. Some plants require a high pH soil, while others need a low pH. Some plants like soil with good drainage, while others thrive in very wet soils. Every crop or plant also has different nutrient needs. These nutrients mainly come from the soil.

Soil micro-organisms are the key link between mineral resources and plant growth. Soils contain five major groups of microorganisms: bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, algae and protozoa. The bacteria are most prominent and usually more numerous than the other four combined. Bacteria stand out because of their capacity for rapid growth and fast decomposition of so many natural materials. The bacteria create the bio availability of the nutrients (solubilize or fix) for the plant to uptake and promote growth. Our philosophy and products are based on these natural organic delivery systems.

When do you use PureAg inoculants and how much is used?

You cannot over apply, but you can use too little. The best time to start is before planting, again after planting, and making at least four to six applications during the vegetative cycle for any plant, tree or vine. Application guidelines are listed on our labels.

Does soil inoculating work in all soils?

Yes, all soils benefit from inoculation. Some soils need remediation from over-use or misuse, which means more frequent applications may be needed. If soils are in good condition, less frequent applications may be applied. However, all crops use these microbes during the growing process and PureAg products are able to replenish the populations so that the soil does not degrade. Healthy abundant colonies are then able to fix or solubilize all the nutrients the plant needs to prosper.

What if I don’t use all of the “brew”?

The product is brewed to optimize (food to biology) for 24 to 36 hours. Often situations make the brew sit for another day. It’s still okay to use the brew. While not perfect, it will stay viable for several days. Microbiology adapts very quickly to the conditions where it is placed. To deny food after the brew has developed means the biology will seek other food sources or go dormant. 18 to 36 hours is perfect. For more information about applying our products, please visit our application page.

Are your products dangerous?

No, PureAg products are safe. No protective gear is needed when handling, brewing, or applying. Most PureAg products have been certified by OMRI or have been approved for use in organic production in accordance with the USDA National Organic Standards.

I need help finding the right product for me – can you help?

Absolutely! We are more than happy to help you find the right products. Call us or email us through our contact page.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! Call us and let us see how we can help.

Do you offer free samples?

We currently only offer free samples with purchase.