Green Chemistry | Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Green Chemistry for Agriculture

Green chemistry is the design and optimization of processes and products that lower (or remove altogether) the production and use of toxic substances. These principles protect and benefit the economy, people and the planet by finding creative ways to reduce waste, conserve energy, and discover replacements for hazardous substances. This is all done while providing affordable products that work to an ever growing population.

PureAg Green Chemistry offers effective pest control, plant nutrition, disease control, and soil treatment solutions. Our pest products utilize a unique micelle-based formulation that eliminates pests while preserving beneficial organisms. We provide plant nutrition products for healthy growth and higher yields, and disease control solutions that inhibit pathogen growth, while safeguarding plants. For soil treatment, our formulations enhance nutrient availability and promote microbial activity, revitalizing soil health. All of the products are non-toxic and approved for use in organic farming.

Our products are formulated using colloidal chemistry which produces a truly unique product. Food grade ingredients are processed to form a particle called a micelle. This micelle is the active ingredient in our products; and is only one to four nanometers in size. This small particle size, combined with its extremely high surface area enable the micelles to penetrate complex carbon molecules and emulsify organic matter. They require no special handling or storage requirements, and biodegrade within 28 days.

Green Alternatives to Pest Control,
Plant Nutrition, Disease Control, and Soil Health

With PureAg Products, you not only achieve effective results but also contribute to a sustainable future. Our products align with green chemistry principles in agriculture, ensuring energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, and improved human health. Experience the power of our unique colloidal chemistry process and revolutionize your approach to pest control, plant nutrition, and disease control.