Flood Irrigation

Flood Irrigation Protocols

This method is quite simple. You will need a liquid storage tank, between 300 and 1500 gallon capacity, depending on the size of the field, a way to put water into the tank, and either an injector pump or a metering device to regulate the flow into the irrigation water. Applications require aeration through compressed air, or a circulation pump with a venturi in the tank.

Each scoop of product is full of beneficial bacteria and fungi that is designed to keep tanks fresh, and the biology active. To start a tank, pour the appropriate amount of your PureAg product into a tank, and fill with water. Let the tank culture aerate for 24 to 36 hours. If ample water is not available, a culture solution may be started in the bottom of the tank, with 50 or so gallons of water. A culture can also be started elsewhere and brought into the larger tank. Aeration in the tank is important in order to maintain an oxygen rich environment.

When the tank is down to 10% - 20% remaining solution, add the appropriate amount of the PureAg product to the tank, fill back up with water, and continue applying to the field until irrigation is complete. Once a tank is active, 90% of the tanks capacity can be harvested a day. If a 2,000 gallon tank is being used, 1,800 gallons of solution can be applied a day, or 75 gallons per hour. This can be dripped directly into the irrigation water.

Example: If you are using a 2, 000 gallon tank to apply a PureAg product on 100 acres/40 hectares, and it takes 24 hours to irrigate 40 acre/16 hectares, you would start the tank with 4 cups of product. After letting it aerate for 24 to 36 hours, set the drip hose to put approximately 75 gallons of solution per hour. At the end of 24 hours, add 4 more cups of PureAg, and top off with water to continue application. Repeat every 24 hours until irrigation is complete.

PureAg treatments are easy to apply through flood irrigation. A recommended rate for application is, 1 cup of product added to water and activated for every 10 acres/4 hectares. 10 gallons to 30 gallons per acre of PureAg product is applied per month. The application rate used to mix will vary depending on the size of the tank being used, and the number of acres being irrigated. However, at least 1 cup of a PureAg product concentrate should be mixed in for every 10 acres/4 hectares of field. It is important to aerate for at least 24 - 36 hours before metering it into irrigation water. Aerating the product allows the bacteria to propagate (doubling many of the species in population every seventeen minutes). For consecutive field applications, add product and refill tank before tank level goes below 100 gallons. YOU CANNOT OVER APPLY PUREAG PRODUCTS. Repeat with every irrigation.