green chemistry

Green Chemistry is focused on the design and implementation of chemical technologies, processes, and services that are energy efficient, and environmentally sustainable. Adopting Green Chemistry innovations yields industry sustainable product and process alternatives. These alternatives will continue to meet market demands while also enhancing sustainability, improving human health, and driving the economy, thereby advancing the human condition.

PureAg Products are formulated using a proprietary colloidal chemistry process which produces a truly unique product. Food grade ingredients are processed to form a particle called a micelle. This micelle is the active ingredient in our products; and is only one to four nanometers in size, (50 to several hundred times smaller than saponified materials in traditional soaps and detergents). This small particle size, combined with its extremely high surface area to volume ratio enable the micelles to penetrate complex carbon molecules and emulsify organic matter. Organic odor causing agents are inactivated by these micelles rapidly degrading their molecular bonds.

PureAg colloidal cleaners are completely safe to use. They need no WHMIS training, or special handling or storage requirements, and biodegrade completely within 28 days.