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  • Sustainable Inputs that Work!

    Our underlying principle is the healthier the plant, the less susceptible it is to disease and weed invas

  • Biologic Farming | A solution to skyrocketing NPK prices

    With the rising costs of chemical NPK inputs, it’s the perfect time to explore the advantages of augmenting your inputs with biology.

  • Microbial Fertilizers

    Biofertilizers make nutrients that are naturally abundant in the soil or atmosphere usable for plants. They are effective and inexpensive inputs, free from t

  • Soil Biology

    Bacteria from soil can be divided into two broad categories: The indigenous species that are true native residents, and the invaders. The indigenous types ma

  • PureAg in Agriculture

    PureAg products focus first on the biological, organic, and nutrient value of your soil. As we build this vital soil structure, we have found that most other problems go away, and

  • Organic Golf

    Golf has become a target for efforts to reduce toxins in our environment due to its substantial, and highly visible use of pesticides. The public is becoming

  • Turf

    Ten years ago the mention of beneficial bacteria or mycorrhizal fungi to a golf superintendent might have met with a blank stare. Today managers are m

  • Remediation


    PureAg green chemistry and microbiology products are presently used in the bio-remediation indus

  • PureAg in Viticulture

    We specialize in organic and biodynamic products and sell world wide. We have achieved some great results in improving soil biology, diversity and structure, which have lead to hea

  • Water Quality

    Wastewater is generated from many different sources. This waste represents thousands of tons of organic matter. Wastewater treatment is a biological process. A treatment plant is a